Get to know me

Hellooo there!!! 🙂

So… You may wonder…  why did I started this blog ?

Well I’ve always been obssessed with beauty and fashion. I’ve never been the type of princessy little girl only rocking pink in her wardrobe, but I loved wearing and owning beautiful things. I would love beautiful things to the point that when going into a mall with my mother I would litterally stare at the makeup storage, and my mother would have to pull me by the arm to make me move. Because I thought that wearing clothes that I liked, having a good hairstyle made me feel powerful. Yes, I was completely empowered by that. I was able to stand my ground and be confident.

I know, it can be weird to see that from a eight-year-old kid but it was true. And a lot of kids still feel the same way nowadays look at em’ and you’ll see !!

As for teenagehood (that I haven’t really finished yet, but nearly) I lacked a lot of confidence. Looking different from others physically as well as mentally was tough, and it took me time to build myself back completely. Finding my own style, my own true personality were the biggest challenge. But now, I’m rockin’ !!!

As a young adult I realised I wanted to contribute to the life of others and looking back at my own story and seeing how much the world of beauty and health helped me, I knew that I had to open a blog. I wanted to be able to guide people, struggling on the path of self-dicovering, for their journey to be less painful and easier and avoid them doing mistakes they would have done without guidance.

I wanted to make a difference.

I plan to edit this blog in four different languages : English, French for sure and maybe later Spanish and Italian. I speak all of these languages, and I want to be able to reach people from all around the world. As an european citizen, and a mixed-race, I wanna make fall language bounderies, to unit together around common values.

P.S: You can find this article in French on my blog and the spanish version will be soon published too.



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