Aren’t gettin’ the most out of your skincare ?

The absolute five rules for beginners in skincare

This little guide is here to help you get the most benefits from your skincare. It can work for any skin type, be it aging-skin or normal skin type. If you don’t suffer a specific skin issue, then you won’t have to « treat » you skin daily, but if you have a specific target then you know that in top of having a skincare routine to take care of your skintype, you need to treat the specific problem, though sometimes products can do both.

The ABSOLUTE vocabulary basis : To treat you skin is when you have a pimple, or wrinkles, or rosacea, or black heads, or absolutely dry skin. THERE you need to target a specific problem. It usually takes stronger work and dedication.

To take care or just care : When you have normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, combination skin… You just use an overall routine adapted to your skintype, without really targeting a skin issue.

#1 Flush these toxines out

By that I mean that drinking some water even not a liter a day but at least a little bottle everyday really makes a difference. Sadly it is difficult to realise the great results that it achieves as it is a long and soft process. But I can really tell you, that you will see results and like the blond bombshell keeps on repeating to you on youtube or instagram « I feel so energized ! My beauty is back ! I look like a fresh rose ! ».

Sadly for my ego, I gotta agree with her for the effects of water on your overall health and appearance. If you want better examples you can always look at some examples on the Mother of life aka Internet and search water challenge results. The before and after can look quite impressive.

Now if you’re wondering… How the f*** does it flushes toxines !? Well honey, it’s pretty simple. Here is the starter pack : kidneys. With the water you drink, you help the work of these beauties to get your blood cleansed and toxines go right through… The golden shower. Nope I’m not going to explain more. Nope. You can guess by yourself.

#2 Stop poisonning your body

Second great tip is to eat healthier. Now I know that we all are fed up with the youtube/instagram brainwash of « obssessive fitness eating ». I’m not here today to feed you with the same fat-shaming, food-shaming stuff. By healthy I just mean whole food. So, no fried food, little to no dairy, little salt/sugar/oil, and avoid processed/packaged food and that’s already great. Plus, add organic food if you can afford it, it is the cherry on the cake. That’s it. Period.

I’ll talk about it more on other posts if you would like to, but I do know how sensible of a subject that is. Generally, it’s useless to apply creams on your face or to take food supplements made of vitamine A, B… When you could have everything you need in your diet and get more benefits from it thanks to digestion and as it is better used by the body.

PS : Obviously, if you have allergies, dude there’s no need to explain you that it can be a cause of breakout on your skin, and it can results in acne pimples or not. In that case, you won’t treat the pimple the same way if it’s acne or just a rash in reaction to an allergie.

#3 Determine your type of skin issue (if you have one) and your skintype pleeeeeaaaase !!!

You can have severe, light, moderate acne, cystic acne, underskin acne pimples (yeaaah these are the worst), or just regular acne, it can be juvenile acne (aka I-listen-to-Justin-Bieber-acne) or adult acne (aka I-listen-to-Justin-Bieber-too-but-I-don’t-admit-it-acne).

It is important because it will help you choose your product to treat your skin. Personnaly I’m a light to moderate juvenile acne (I have regular acne pimples (aka whiteheads) and kists also called underskin acne pimples), and I will very soon show you in a post how I take care of my skin, meaning face and body. Again, the Mother of life do have a good range of very trust-worthy websites that can guide you classify your pimples, and in any case you can always do free skin tests on brand websites (#Iamabrokestudentforlife).

By the way, I do recommend that you seek out the help of a dermatologist or at least someone in a pharmacy, these guys are professionnals (and I’m not I’m just a skincare-junkie) and they will help you know what’s best for you, though be careful to don’t be scammed and advised to buy useless or inappropriate products.

Also, it’s not because a product is very appreciated or in trend right now that it’s gonna work for you.

#4 Be consistent ! Stick to it like Scrat to his nut ! (No, please do better than him)

Your skin regenarates every two weeks, and do its full cycle in a little more than a month. Most professsionnals admits that you need to wait three months to see real results for a skincare (for example a cure of AHA/BHA or Retinoïl, asks as a strict minimum at least a month to show results).

I know there will be nights when you will feel tired. I know there will be mornings when you will be running late. I know it as it happens to me very often. But I don’t regret to persists and sign. I do see results now and in a decade, I’ll be happy to see that having taken the right habits will give me less work and a better canvas to work with for makeup and cost less on procedures to save years of lazyness.

It will also make you feel more confortable. Because having a fresh cleaned face with the right cream on it, will prevent the awful feeling of a pimple being blood-shooted on it root, or the greasy skin that makes you have the uneasy feeling of something sitting on your skin.

It is 100% worth it. And this, you will feel it almost immediately.

#5 Don’t over do it, or not seriously enough

Like everything, skincare and treating your skin requires balance. Overdoing it, means agressing/harming your skin, which is the exact opposite that you wanna do. It can happen when you use too much product (aka the ten-step korean skincare, I’ll do an article about that) or products that are too harsh for you. Sometimes, you use the right product, the right amount, but your mistake is that you use it too often, and don’t let your skin breathe. Because like everything else, skin needs to have days without too much care. Think of it as exercise, if you exercise everyday very hard, you’ll only hurt yurself, you need to have days that are less intense than others.

Then, there is not doing it seriously enough. It could occur because you don’t use the right amount, because you don’t follow the instructions of the products, or just because you’re too lazy to do the whole routine. For example, if you use a soap for comedogenic/greasy skin, but only do that and don’t mosturize or treat your acne, you will barely see any results. If you struggle understanding why, try to visualize having the flu or any sickness like that. If you only take syrup to ease your throat yuu won’t fight the virus in itself and the others issues. The syrup won’t be very efficient on the long run. But if you take all of your medication, then you will heal. It’s the same for skincare. You could be consistent, using the right product the right way and the right amount but if you don’t use all the products well then don’t complain if there is little to no results.

So, here it is guys, my five steps for anyone wishing to start understanding how skincare works and the basics to be able to take care of your skin efficiently. Please leave a comment to tell me what you think about it guys. Love ya ❤

All my gifs are from Giphy and the little reference to SLG (french speakers only got it 😉 ) is from the website vidshaker. As for the main picture, it’s from the website



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